10 NewYork State Parks You Need to Visit


10 NewYork State Parks You Need to Visit

Pop-up campers, RVs, and campervans undoubtedly offer comfort and convenience for camping enthusiasts. However, seasoned extreme campers understand that there are moments when all you need is to spend the night in a humble tent, where only a thin piece of canvas separates you from the untamed beauty of the natural world. When the urge arises to return to the roots and embrace simplicity, these rugged tent camping destinations stand ready to offer peace, solitude, and rejuvenation amidst the wilderness.

Discovering these hidden gems, state parks that cater to tent campers leads to less populated, more affordable, and remarkably wild experiences. From the majestic mountains of Pennsylvania to the serene beaches of Mississippi and the tranquil lakes of Montana, we have meticulously selected ten primitive-style campgrounds spread across the country.

At these rustic campgrounds, you can immerse yourself in the raw essence of nature, finding solace away from the bustling world. It’s a chance to rekindle your connection with the great outdoors, rediscovering the beauty of simplicity and the joy of waking up to the gentle sounds of nature.

These rugged tent camping destinations await, ready to embrace those who seek tranquility and a deeper communion with nature. Embark on an adventure that will rejuvenate your spirit, as you pitch your tent and allow the wilderness to weave its magic around you.

In this article, find the 10 NewYork State Parks you visit. Also, you can buy cool camping DOM tents and DOM changing tents here.


1. Crown Point Campground

Welcome to the captivating Crown Point Campground, a place steeped in history, as it rests upon battlefields and fort locations dating all the way back to 1775. Throughout the grounds, visitors have the unique opportunity to glimpse remnants of structures and sites that bear witness to the past.

One of the prominent features of this campground is the majestic lighthouse, which was thoughtfully rebuilt in 1911-1912. Positioned along the campground shore, the lighthouse offers a breathtaking view of the vast expanse of Lake Champlain, spanning an impressive 281,600 acres. From this vantage point, you can also gaze upon the neighboring beauty of Vermont, adding to the allure of the surroundings.

On the northernmost shore of the campground, the Crown Point bridge stands as an imposing marvel. Serving as one of the few bridges connecting New York State and Vermont, it symbolizes the unifying spirit of the region.

The historical significance of Crown Point Campground is truly remarkable. The entire Crown Point Reservation, encompassing all 49 acres of the campground, holds a place of distinction in the National Register of Historic Places. Furthermore, the United States Secretary of the Interior has designated it as a National Historic Landmark, commemorating its importance in shaping the nation’s history.

As you step foot into Crown Point Campground, you embark on a journey through time, connecting with the rich heritage of the land and savoring the awe-inspiring vistas of Lake Champlain and the surrounding landscapes.

10 NewYork State Parks You Need to Visit

Crown Point Campground


2. Buttermilk Falls State Park

Welcome to the picturesque Buttermilk Falls State Park, a place that derives its name from the mesmerizing cascade formed by Buttermilk Creek as it gracefully descends the steep valley side, flowing towards the serene Cayuga Lake. The park’s enchanting allure lies in the magnificent waterfalls that greet visitors along the gorge and rim trails, creating a truly captivating experience.

Hikers are treated to awe-inspiring views of these cascading waterfalls, while campers find solace amidst the wooded glens. The upper park offers additional hiking trails that wind through peaceful woodlands and encircle a charming small lake, providing an array of delightful recreational opportunities. Here, visitors can also enjoy picnicking or engage in friendly ball games on spacious playing fields.

At the lower entrance, you’ll discover a host of amenities, including a campground, a refreshing stream-fed swimming area, a playground, and well-kept playing fields. This lower section of the park serves as a hub of activity and enjoyment for families and friends.

For a unique and cozy stay, Buttermilk Falls State Park offers 14 non-electric rustic cabins that comfortably accommodate four guests. Nestled amidst the tranquil surroundings, these cabins provide a charming escape, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature’s embrace.

Prepare for a delightful experience as you visit Buttermilk Falls State Park, where the foaming cascade and the lush landscapes combine to create an enchanting sanctuary for all who seek serenity and adventure amidst the wonders of nature.

10 NewYork State Parks You Need to Visit

Buttermilk Falls State Park


3.Tioga Point Campground

Welcome to Tioga Point Campground, nestled in the heart of the central Adirondack Park, surrounded by the pristine beauty of a 90-acre lake and embraced by serene, secluded, and wooded sites. Here, campers can relish a tranquil escape, immersing themselves in the wonders of nature.

The campground offers an array of delightful activities for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re a hiking enthusiast seeking to explore scenic trails, a fishing aficionado seeking to cast your line into the peaceful waters, or a group looking to enjoy a delightful picnic surrounded by the beauty of the outdoors, Tioga Point Campground has something to offer for everyone.

For those interested in learning more about the rich history of the Adirondack Mountains, two notable attractions lie within a short drive. The Adirondack Park Visitor Interpretive Center at Newcomb and the Adirondack Museum at Blue Mountain Lake present a fascinating journey into the past, shedding light on the captivating history of this majestic mountain range.

Prepare for an unforgettable experience at Tioga Point Campground, where the allure of the lake, the seclusion of the wooded sites, and the abundance of outdoor activities await your arrival. Embrace the serenity of the Adirondack Park and immerse yourself in the beauty of this natural haven.

10 NewYork State Parks You Need to Visit

Tioga Point Campground


4. Betty and Wilbur Davis State Park

Welcome to Betty and Wilbur Davis State Park, a place of stunning beauty perched atop a hill, offering breathtaking panoramic views. As you explore this 200-acre property, you’ll find nearly two-thirds of the park adorned with a lush forest of hardwoods, complemented by pockets of serene conifer plantation. The remaining portion of the park boasts gently rolling meadowlands and two picturesque ponds, adding to its natural charm.

Located just a short drive away from Cooperstown, famous for its Baseball Hall of Fame, the Farmers’ Museum, and the Fenimore Art Museum, the park provides an ideal escape into nature without being far from cultural attractions.

Within the park, you’ll discover cozy year-round cottages that offer comfort amidst the wilderness. The on-site facilities include a welcoming picnic area, a playground for the young ones, and the Sunset Pavilion picnic shelter, perfect for gatherings and enjoying the scenery.

Nature enthusiasts will delight in the extensive network of hiking trails that wind through the woods and the serene presence of a woodland stream. During winter, the park transforms into a winter wonderland, inviting visitors to partake in cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, adding a touch of magic to the landscape.

Betty and Wilbur Davis State Park beckons you to embrace the serenity of its surroundings, offering a retreat amidst nature’s splendor while still providing access to nearby cultural landmarks. Prepare for a truly enchanting experience, where the beauty of the hilltop views, the allure of the woods, and the joy of outdoor activities unite to create cherished memories in this charming New York state park

10 NewYork State Parks You Need to Visit

Betty and Wilbur Davis State Park


5. Little Pond Campground

Welcome to Little Pond Campground, a serene and picturesque oasis where tranquility reigns supreme. This charming campground provides a leisurely hiking trail that encircles a tranquil 13-acre pond, offering the perfect setting to unwind and connect with nature. Venture along trails that lead to the intriguing ruins of an old farm or embark on a breathtaking journey to the summit of the Touchmenot Mountains, where panoramic views await.

For those seeking a splash of excitement, the beach, boat rentals, and the engaging Junior Naturalist Program offer delightful activities for all the primitive campers. Additionally, remote campsites on the backside of the pond provide an even deeper connection with the wilderness, enveloping you in the heart of nature’s embrace.

Conveniently located mere minutes away from Beaverkill, a world-renowned fly-fishing stream, Little Pond Campground allows anglers to indulge in their passion while surrounded by the tranquil beauty of the region.

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful stroll around the pond, a thrilling adventure to the mountaintop, or the joy of watersports and beachside fun, Little Pond Campground promises an unforgettable experience for all who seek solace and joy in the heart of nature. Embrace the tranquility and natural beauty that await you at this idyllic New York state campground.

10 NewYork State Parks You Need to Visit

Little Pond Campground


6. Long Point State Park

Welcome to Long Point State Park, a tranquil and serene escape tucked away in the remote Thousand Islands region. This hidden gem provides a peaceful and relaxing camping experience like no other. Nestled on a picturesque peninsula, the park is surrounded by the pristine waters of Chaumont Bay on Lake Ontario, offering breathtaking views from every corner of the property.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the outdoors as you settle into spacious campsites adorned with grassy expanses and scattered trees. The open layout of the campsites allows you to feel closer to nature, providing the perfect setting to unwind and rejuvenate.

Long Point State Park caters to your every need, with amenities like a playground and inviting picnic areas, making it an ideal destination for families and friends seeking quality time amidst nature’s embrace.

Prepare to experience the true essence of tranquility as you embrace the soothing atmosphere and picturesque surroundings of Long Point State Park. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be captivated by the remote beauty of this Thousand Islands gem, providing an unforgettable camping experience that celebrates the harmony of water, land, and sky.

10 NewYork State Parks You Need to Visit

Long Point State Park


7. Taylor Pond Campground

Welcome to Taylor Pond Campground, a hidden treasure nestled in the backwoods, accessible by a peaceful dirt road, and miles away from the hustle and bustle of the public mainstream. This secluded haven is a haven for fishermen and naturalists alike, drawing visitors from far and wide to experience a truly unique and rejuvenating vacation.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature as you choose from a variety of accommodations. Whether you prefer to unwind in a cozy lean-to, find solace at a designated open site overlooking the pond, or opt for the comfort of the mainland campground, Taylor Pond offers an array of delightful options to suit your preferences.

For those eager to explore the serene waters, canoes and rowboats are available for rent at the boat launch site located near the caretaker’s residence. This allows you to gracefully glide along the tranquil waters of Taylor Pond, connecting with the serene beauty of the surroundings.

Prepare for a truly immersive experience as you venture to Taylor Pond Campground, where the allure of the backwoods, the tranquility of the pond, and the joy of outdoor activities unite to create cherished memories amidst the beauty of nature’s embrace.

10 NewYork State Parks You Need to Visit

Taylor Pond Campground


8. Max V. Shaul State Park

Welcome to Max V. Shaul State Park, a hidden gem nestled in Schoharie County, New York, offering a serene and secluded camping experience amid the woods. Patrons are welcome to enjoy the tranquility of the campground, where tent and trailer sites are surrounded by lush greenery.

Nature enthusiasts will find delight in fishing opportunities along Schoharie Creek or exploring the park’s nature trail, immersing themselves in the beauty of the outdoors. The shady picnic grounds, open playing fields, and playground provide ample space for families and friends to unwind and enjoy quality time together.

For even more recreation options, campers at Max V. Shaul can venture just nine miles south on Route 30 to Mine Kill State Park. There, they can access additional amenities, including an Olympic-sized swimming pool, playgrounds, the awe-inspiring 80-foot Mine Kill Falls, hiking and biking trails, and boating on the serene Blenheim-Gilboa Reservoir.

Prepare for a memorable camping experience at Max V. Shaul State Park, where the tranquility of the woods, the allure of Schoharie Creek, and the opportunities for adventure and relaxation await your arrival. Embrace the best-kept secret in Schoharie County and savor the joys of nature in this charming New York state park.

10 NewYork State Parks You Need to Visit

Max V. Shaul State Park


9. Frontier Town

Welcome to Frontier Town, a captivating campground, equestrian, and day use area spread across 91 acres, nestled on the scenic shores of the Schroon River. Located in the heart of the majestic Adirondacks, this site was once home to the beloved Frontier Town theme park, which charmed families from all corners of the country for over 40 years.

Frontier Town was a Wild West-themed paradise, where visitors could step back in time and immerse themselves in living history. They wandered through a pioneer village, experienced the thrill of a rodeo, and even found themselves amidst an exciting hold-up by daring outlaws on horseback.

As a collaborative effort between New York State, the Open Space Institute, and five neighboring Adirondack towns, a visionary blueprint emerged for a new recreation hub. This plan aimed to enhance local amenities, provide expanded access, and draw more visitors to this remarkable part of the Park.

Today, Frontier Town continues to be a cherished destination, inviting campers, equestrians, and day visitors to revel in the beauty of the Adirondacks and create cherished memories along the picturesque Schroon River. The spirit of the Wild West may have passed, but the magic of Frontier Town lives on, offering an unforgettable experience in the heart of this captivating region.

10 NewYork State Parks You Need to Visit

Frontier Town


10. Taconic State Park

Welcome to Taconic State Park, a breathtaking expanse nestled along 16 miles of the majestic Taconic Mountain Range, proudly sharing borders with Massachusetts and Connecticut. This natural wonderland boasts two splendid camping areas: Copake Falls in the north and Rudd Pond at the southern end, both featuring convenient swimming and fishing spots within walking distance.

Embrace the outdoors as you bike or stroll along the scenic Harlem Valley Rail Trail, or set out on invigorating hikes to marvel at the beauty of Bash Bish Falls in Massachusetts or conquer the South Taconic Trail leading up to Brace Mountain, which stands as the highest point in Dutchess County.

For a glimpse into history, visit the Copake Iron Works Museum, where you can immerse yourself in the story of an industrial site established in 1845, adding a touch of cultural enrichment to your park visit.

Taconic State Park caters to diverse preferences, offering tent and trailer camping facilities, as well as seasonal and year-round cabins and cottages. This ensures that every visitor finds their ideal accommodation, providing comfort and convenience amidst the serene beauty of the Taconic Mountain Range.

Prepare for an unforgettable experience at Taconic State Park, where the allure of the mountain range, the joys of outdoor activities, and the richness of history converge to create cherished memories in this pristine New York state park.

10 NewYork State Parks You Need to Visit

Taconic State Park


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